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portrait of HW Turnbull

Welcome to the TURNBULL world wide web server, named after the mathematician Herbert Westren Turnbull (1885-1961) who was the Regius Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews from 1921 to 1950. To find out more about Turnbull you can read his biography.

TURNBULL is run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

MT TURNBULL is the home of the award-winning MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive -- an integrated collection of over 1000 biographies and historical articles of a mathematical nature, alongside interactive birthplace maps and the famous curve applet. To visit the archive click on the logo, name or here.

The web pages for the computer algebra system GAP are now on http://www.gap-system.org.

Server statistics for TURNBULL can be found here.

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