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We have added a large amount of additional information about the Edinburgh Mathematical Society St Andrews colloquia
which may be accessed from the EMS index.

There is a new entry in the Mathematical Societies category for The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
and lists of the IMA Presidents and of the IMA Prizewinners.

There are 9 new biographies.

New biographies

David, Lajos
Lorch, Ray

There are 10 extended biographies.

Extended biographies

Mathieu, Emile

There are 35 new entries in our Additional material category. Each is linked to the entry on the left.
CotesIsaac Newton by his contemporaries
David_LajosLajos Dávid's publications
David_LajosTheses of Lajos Dávid's students
DodgsonCharles Lutwidge Dodgson tries school teaching
DuhemPierre Duhem on fashion in mathematics
EpersonContributions from Donald Eperson
FejerLipót Fejér by those who knew him
FontenelleIsaac Newton by his contemporaries
HarnackAxel Harnack's Elemente der Differential- und Integralrechnung ...
HarnackAxel Harnack's publications
HilleEinar Hille's publications
HilleWho Was Who in Mathematics in 1852
LighthillOrigins of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
Lorch_RayReviews of Ray Lorch's books
Lorch_RayThe Lorchs' 1989 visit to Szeged
Lorch_RayFrigyes Riesz by those who knew him
MagnusWilhelm Magnus's books
MagnusNoneuclidean Tesselations and Their Groups
MagnusWhat Makes a Mathematician?
Mathieu_EmileÉmile Mathieu's Preface to Dynamique analytique
MellinHjalmar Mellin's publications
MindingFerdinand Minding's papers
MirskyLeon Mirsky's books
NettoReviews of Eugen Netto's books
NettoEugen Netto's publications
NettoEugen Netto's Theory of Substitutions
NewtonIsaac Newton by his contemporaries
PacioliThe Divine Proportion by Luca Pacioli
PackOrigins of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
PackDonald Pack's wartime papers
PeresReviews of Joseph Pérès's books
PeresJoseph Pérès publications
Perron Reviews of Oskar Perron's books
PolyaLipót Fejér by those who knew him
PompiljGiuseppe Pompilj's publications
RaphsonReviews of Joseph Raphson's books
RieszFrigyes Riesz by those who knew him
StewartsonOrigins of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications

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