Index of material on P G Tait

  1. Bishop Terrot's lecture at Edinburgh Academy (a pdf file)

  2. The Tait/Maxwell schoolbook (a pdf file)

  3. Tait's 1870 notebook (a pdf file)

  4. Tait's Bismarck poem (a pdf file)

  5. Tait's 'Probability' article for Chambers's Encyclopaedia, 1st Ed. 1865
    (a pdf file)

  6. Papers in the Proceedings and Notes of the EMS

  7. Topology and Scottish mathematical physics

  8. Tait's scrapbook

  9. Tait's 1888 address to the graduates

  10. EMS honours Maxwell and Tait

  11. Obituary: The Times

  12. Unseen Universe reviews (a pdf file)

  13. Unseen Universe talk (a pdf file)

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