Saffron Walden, Essex

Bridge End Gardens has probably the finest turf maze in England [Pennick, plate7; Fisher, p.154, with colour photos on pp.45 & 139]. There is a mention of it in the time of William III (c1690). It was replanted with yew in 1838-1840, but abandoned and lost by 1949, then restored in 1983.


There is a second maze, an imitation of that at Hampton Court, on the Common.

A bit west of Saffron Walden, at Audley End, is Audley End House, amongst whose treasures is a snuff box of Voltaire's. [Coster, pp.103 & 105. Charles Elliot,The Gap in the Hedge Dispatches from the Extraordinary World of British Gardening, The Lyons Press, New York, 1998, p.208.]

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