Meeting of Friday 12 December 1919

Location: Glasgow University

Chair: McArthur, Neil

Gibson, George Alexander: "A proof of the binomial theorem, with some applications"
Muirhead, Robert Franklin: "Extension of Frenet's formulae to a curve in flat space of n dimensions"
Muirhead, Robert Franklin: "A version of Hagen's proof of the law of error"

Brink, Raymond W
Cunnison, T J
Jeffrey, D
Lumsden, Thomas A
Marzials, F M
Peebles, William

Dr Ellice Martin Horsburgh moved, on behalf of the committee, that the annual subscription to the society should be increased to ten shillings and the composition fee to 6/6/0, and also that members who had been serving with H.M. Forces should be exempted from payment of subscriptions during the period of such service. This was agreed to.

The president announced that it was the intention of the committee to issue an appeal for funds to friends in and outside the society.

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